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Kwikedge is extruded by machine and is one continuous cast that can be installed on any surface, the machine can do straight lines bends and even perfect circles with even joints and grooves.

Brick edge is individual blocks that are placed on a foundation and grouted in. If it is not recessed into the ground the foundation is exposed and unfortunately when doing bends the grouting varies (thin on top , thick at the bottom and vice versa) and is very eye-catching and can come loose however it is even when doing straight lines.

Any concrete product can crack. , therefore we cut expansion joints every meter. They are cut 2/3 of the way through to create a weak point in the event of any ground movement, but still retaining strength due to its continuity thus reducing the chances of cracking. In the event that the kerb does not crack in an expansion joint we do offer a 5 year guarantee and will repair or replace that particular piece, should the kerb chip we are able to repair it so that you are not aware that there was any damage.

With the cobbles we are unable to cut expansion joints or else the bricks would come loose so there will be hairline cracks that developed. If the cobbles are damaged in any way we would have to replace the affected area.

Kwik kerb is available in various colours, profiles and finishes such as brick, slate and sleeper. Tuscan bloack, plain or rock.

Brick edge is available in various size blocks and colours.

The extruded kerb is one solid foundation as it is extruded concrete. The cobbles do have a foundation of between 30 and 50 mm.

The extruded kerb reaches 15 mpa (domestic) and 25 mpa (commercial) with a surface hardness of 65 mpa (if a colour is used). A brick is 5 mpa * mpa = mega pascals ie crushing strength

Brick strength is 5 mpa * mpa - megapascals (crushing strength)

Not at all as long as the cement has had sufficient time to set.

A brick strenght is 5 mpa * mpa - megapascls (crushing strenght)

There is no maintenance required per say, but we do suggest that once a year you coat the edge with a brick, stone or slate sealer, this acts as an ultra violet protecter and retains the colour.

A brick strenght is 5 mpa * mpa - megapascls (crushing strenght)

We can install up to 200 meteres a day depending on preparation. Cobbles - similar meter age, but dependant on stock availability.

A brick strenght is 5 mpa * mpa - megapascls (crushing strenght)

It is very uncommen, but not impossible - chemicals omitted by the cement prevents grass from growing directly under the kerb

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